Sunday, December 9, 2012

Man About Manila Begins

Hello everyone!  This is the first post of "Man About Manila" my blog of where to go for couch potatoes or home bodies based in Manila like me.  This came about from my need to know where to go.  You see, I am seriously dating a foodie, gourmand, traveler girl who I am crazy about and the thing is, I couldn't be further the opposite!

I never really traveled because I rather save money and save it to later spend on an expensive gadget or just plain save the money.  Then I really never saw the value in eating out, I found it a horrendous waste of money, might be my undeveloped palette or penchant for devouring fast food but well, never really ate in anything better than Friday's (that I was paying for of course).

This all changed when I met my special someone, she doesn't demand but rather this is me wanting to make her happy.  Thing is, how does someone who doesn't really go out, socialize or eat out do?

I began to.....

  1. Ask friends.  Every "foodie" has different tastes which should be experienced, I ask each for their best picks and try.
  2. Looked at many websites -,,,,,, - just to name a few.  I worked in the Yellow Pages before so I know what the listings go through to be accurate at all times so I will link to them for contact info because I will definitely forget to update all the places I list here.
  3. Read the lifestyle section of print newspapers - Philippine Star and the Inquirer mostly.
  4. Lifestyle magazines when available - Lifestyle Asia, Metro, Mega Magazine - I don't read local men's magazines, I find the editorial mistakes too much for me to forgive, except for Vault magazine.
  5. Became more observant of the world around me, if I see something new I take note and check it out.

So check this blog out, its is my journey into where I am going nowadays, making up for lost time, particularly with food and night life.  Who knows?  I may get into cooking next :D

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