Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Keizo, Authentic Japanese Cuisine at Burgos Circle, BGC

First of all, behold!  The Keizo Mexican Roll which has Tamago, Tempura, Crab Roll and Cucumber with minimal rice with Nori of course.  No nachos here folks but it was absolutely delicious and reasonably priced at P450 a serving considering the cost of the ingredients.

Keizo is a bit hard to find, it is hidden away in Burgos Circle at the Fort beside Korean Marts, Monterey Meat Shop and the newly opened Paulie’sbar.  (It seems Namaste the Indian restaurant that used to be its neighbour is no more)

The food is all fresh, I watched the very authentic looking chef (read: Japanese) open Styrofoam trays of very fresh looking high end seafood such as Octopus, squid and fish.  He then proceeds to make everything from what looks like a stage in front of the guests with the support cooks all in an open kitchen behind him.

The food is all very good, we also had another salmon with tamago dish and grilled mackerel.  There were complimentary amuse bouche of eggplant and noodles that I didn’t understand.

This place is small, but it gets packed.  Proof of the skill of Yasuda san the chef is the Japanese clientele I saw. 

Look at this review to see more.

I recommend this place.  There are set menus at P400 which seem reasonable, I ordered ala carte and spent about P1,400 on three dishes and a beer.  The Katsu don, my perennial favourite is P650, but I bet its very good and will try it someday.

Unit 1-I Kensington Place, Cresent Park, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City, Metro Manila

Phone: +63(2)4033839


  1. The best Sashimi and authentic Japanese cuisine in Burgos Circle. Our vacation is not complete without eating at this place.Highly recommended.

    Nides & Lu

    1. Enjoyed our dinner last night again. 11/7/16... Nides & Lu.