Thursday, January 17, 2013

Maple at San Antonio Arcade

I am a huge fan of breakfast food, I crave a good breakfast of pancakes, sausages, bacon and eggs that most people can make at home but few people actually have the time to do so.  Seeing my mom one day and with her knowing my particular fondness for tapa she recommended that I go to Maple, in San Antonio arcade (it’s the complex across San Antonio Church, Mc Kinley Road, Makati City).  My mom wanted me to try their Prime Rib tapa which she told me she knows I will enjoy it for sure.

I did mention this blog is about my girl and my showing her a good time, well, recently we had a few sour moments and so I thought this new place might cheer both of us up.  I heard of Maple only fairly recently.  It’s the highend version of well, Pancake house – no joke.  Maple is Pancakes house’ Lexus to their Toyota.  It allows them to well, charge higher and serve better food.  Let me tell you, there is nothing in the menu priced close to my beloved two piece Pancake House Pan chicken at P135, I think the cheapest thing they have is P350 for the Huevos Rancheros (anything with Pancake House’ legacy has to have something taco based) which we ordered and the other thing we ordered was what my mom recommended, the Prime rib tapa.  I read Sarie Cruz’ blog right now, what a coincidence that she and her mom wanted to order what I had.

The Prime Rib tapa is P520 with two eggs, the rib and some rice.  I say “some rice” because although I am not a heavy rice eater, this was way too little garlic fried rice in relation to the good portion of rib.  The rib is heavily marinated tapa style and tastes just like thick and soft tapa.  Its good but not quite my cup of tea, I think the best tapa in town is found in Gramms diner.  The Maple Tapa is quite gourmet and is heavily embellished with garlic bits and what not but somehow tapa is so Filipino and traditional that I like it the classic way, thinly sliced, heavily seasoned, eggs and enough fried rice to power you through the most hectic of days.  That said, this version which you have instead of a steak I had for dinner which gave me not the most romantic of breath after, eggs and garlic :D

I would go back to Maple, I was just lamenting the loss of “Flapjacks” in greenbelt.  I like having pancakes and haven’t tried the real breakfast offerings of Maple.  Stay tuned.

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