Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Apenzeller

The Apenzeller is a Swiss restaurant located in the Alabang Zapote road in Alabang, Muntinlupa City.  Named for the town of Appenzell which is in Eastern Switzerland and in the vicintiy of Mount Santis (for which the delicatessen Santis is named for).  Appenzell is known as the "home of good cheese in Switzerland, where they recommend cheese fondue or cheese cooked in a pot until it is melted and different  food is dipped such as bread.

The Appenzeller itself is a liquor shot made of 42 special herbs, this is what the Appenzeller prides itself on, the shot and fondue.  The Appenzeller reminds me of Jaegermeister although at least in the quantity I had not as strong, but mind you, still strong.

The Appenzeller restaurant as they say, does not only serve cheese but has a lot of country Swiss dishes with German, French, Italian and even Norwegian dishes too.  The ambience is quite interesting as a mix of restaurant, pub and sports bar complete with billiard tables and televisions broadcasting sports events.

The primary clientele seems to be European expats in the area who likely work in the Technoparks in the Alabang area.  I was with a foodie chef friend who commented that this is the best Swiss German Restaurant in Manila, he compared it to Swarzwalder and Old Swiss Inn as giving them a run for their money.  I wasn't too hungry so I just had Roestri, hashpotato slices with cheese of course and bacon.  It was good but I found it a bit pricey for the money (about P380) then again, cheese is not cheap.  We also had chorizo which was well, typical of store bought fare.  You can see their menu here.

I recommend going here, but with friends as this is not a date place and if you can spend at least three hours at it is actually a fun, rowdy place with an international flavor complete with expats and their "chicks".  The owner is friendly and warm - strangely this is typical of Swiss-German people I know, they are very friendly and warm, French Germans are not as friendly and I know a few and have been to Geneva.  I used to find people from the colder parts of Europe, well cold.  But not the Germans!  And they know how to throw a party! (Oktoberfest baby!)

The Apenzeller is not in Metro Manila but goes to show that we have to go out of range every so often.  It is located in:

The Appenzeller Restaurant and Bar 
Estrellita Building 2 Alabang-Zapote Road Alabang, Muntinlupa City

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