Sunday, February 10, 2013

Battle of the Subs: Subway VS Quiznos

Like my title?  I don’t think I ever mentioned that I am a history fanatic.  My title reminds me of the “Wolfpack” or the German Submarine or U Boat Fleet that terrorized the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea during World War 2.  Now that that is out of the way….

Last Sunday I had the opportunity to eat in both Subway, the long standing sandwich restaurant (bye bye Oliver’s but you were too expensive) and the new sandwich place, Quiznos.  I would eat in Subway every so often not because I didn’t love it but because our Filipino penchant for everything rice and not much want for wheat or sandwich meals have driven Subway down, less branches and what not.  Oliver’s was a tad pricey for the same thing although I liked how you could add hard boiled eggs to your tuna sandwich (KIDS! please try that at home!  It is delicious).  Quiznos is the new kid on the block having recently opened its first branch last December in Bonifacio at the ground floor of the Parkade building. 

Subway and Quiznos have virtually the same business model Both offer sub sandwiches with three choices of bread – whole wheat, white or parmesan.  Both offer virtually the same sandwich options in terms of fillings – chicken, turkey, deli products.  Both offer Lays brand chips and a softdrink.

The differences?  Quiznos is locked to Pepsi products while Subway is Coke.  Price is a big difference too, my sandwich of comparison is the “Italian” which has salami, vegetables, peperoni and cheese.  Its 99 pesos for a six incher at Subway and 125 pesos for a five incher at Quiznos.  I tend to do the math and my vote goes to Subway, because at Quiznos you get roughly 20% less sandwich for 25% more pesos, ridiculous. 

Another thing is, Quiznos has a a lot of calorie bomb sandwiches while Subway has healthy options.  I don’t know, Subway just tastes better to me, from the bread to the ingredients to the vegetables. 

Proof that people agree with me is that on Sunday 7pm Quiznos was relatively empty and Bon Chon next door was packed to the rafters.

I do like Quiznos though, I loved in when I was in the US and the execution here isn’t bad.  The sauces and what not make for meatier or heartier options.  Its just that the pricing is off considering they have to unseat the king.  When I am eating healthy or for value I will choose Subway.  Heck, they even had a dude who lost what? 50 pounds on Subway? 

Hail to the king Subway!

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