Sunday, February 3, 2013

Chick Boy - Midnight Food Run

Chic-Boy, Chicken at Baboy (not pwede sa chick, pwede sa boy) is the new Dencio's restaurant sprouting around the Metro.  Its not that new, I believe it started in 2009 but it quickly gained momentum because of its very reasonable prices for its rice meals.  I had eaten there previously just once.  My second time was just last Friday and let me tell you why.

My girl was attending a posh party in Rockwell, the type that simple me would never be comfortable with, not to mention I was invited only at the last minute.  The thought of having to deal with a lot of people I don't know and cannot relate to for hours on end sent shivers down my spine.  The idea of making “beso” strange women and gay men, shaking hands with so many people whose names I wouldn’t remember in five minutes – as if they would remember mine, makes me cringe and I deferred accompanying my girl and I knew that she would have a better time without me as these were here friends and crowd anyway.  I always assume that if she could get there then she would have a way home.  Boy was I mistaken.

Long story short, I had to pick her up at past one am, as I mentioned about me, I am not a gimmikero, lakwatsero or what not.  I wanted to stay home and sleep early so I could hit the gym first thing.  I found myself driving out in my house clothes- ratty shirt, gym shorts with no underwear at that.  I pick her up from Rockwell and lo and behold she was starving.  Because of the incredible pressure to possess supermodelesque figures it seems that the females in the party were eating servings the size of what I would feed a month old baby.  I sort of understand how my girl bowed to peer pressure and ate like a maya bird herself in the midst of all the semi anorexia, bulimia and what not around her.  The thing is, her appetite sometimes rivals my own so as soon as she saw me she said “lets eat”.  This was at 1:15 am.  I am in a ratty t shirt, gym shorts and we are in Makati.  Which Makati restaurant would be open to having me in my current state?  My girl gave suggestion after suggestion of places I wouldn’t be caught dead in with what I was wearing.  “Guwapo ka naman” did not convince me in the slightest way.  Makati just doesn’t go uber casual the way BF Homes or Quezon City does, so where to go?  Eureka!  Chic-Boy in Jupiter!

Ah, going to Chic-Boy is a delight, I love Pinoy food!  If you read about where I have been recently, this place is like fresh air to me.  The wafting smoke reeking of pork fat burning is like breathing perfume to my soul.  I love Cebuano style cooking with the kick of lemon grass in nearly everything giving it that perfect slightly sour note.  Must try there are the Cebu Lechon Liempo and Cebu Lechon Manok.  The other items like sisig are so so in my opinion.  Everything is good enough but the Lechon Liempo and lechon manok are what would make me come back.  Not a bad alternative to eating in Mc Donalds or Jollibee in the middle of the night!  Prices are good, 155 for the lechon liempo meal with a drink, soup and unlimited rice.

As I am not that much of a rice eater and what more at nearly two in the morning I looked at the hidden ala carte menu.  Aha!  I ordered the liempo lechon, half a lechon manok, sisig, two plain rice, two beers and a bottled water for 400 pesos!  Brilliant huh?  Had I ordered meals I would have paid about 450 with no beer and with rice I wouldn’t eat.  I forgot to mention that, there is beer in Chic Boy!  That made it easier to bear that I was out in public without any underwear on.

Visit their website for branches, or heck franchise one if you have a location:

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