Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Savory Sweet Bella - Go for the burger!

Sweet Bella Café

Strolling through Greenbelt 5 yesterday night my girl and I were looking for a place to eat.  We were actually semi arguing and in times like that you had best be ready to spend a bit more to make things better.  Going through the list of restaurants there had not given us any ideas so we walked past all of them in the most eastern wing.  First was Felix, partly owned by Richard Gomez, well, neither of us were that impressed having eaten there separately in the past so we trudged on.  Next was Zuni and its delicious steaks however we weren’t willing to spend so much.  Then was Sweet Bella Café by the owners of Melos steaks.

I would always see the Sweet Bella Café branch in Burgos Circle at the fort and always associated the name with their macaroons and other desserts.  Glancing quickly at their oversized display menu I thought that this was reasonable enough to try at least once and so I beckoned to my girl to sit inside.  It was not that warm that night so she wanted to sit outside until she saw the flocks of mosquitos buzzing around the oblivious souls already there.  Not to disappoint her, I insisted we sit outside anyway under the protection of an electric fan blowing our flying friends away.

Looking through the menu, we settled on a grilled vegetable for her since she was on a diet.  I still don’t get how anyone could eat something like that, grilled peppers and onions on bread should only be done on pizza and accompanied by copious amounts of peperoni.  I ordered the Salad Nicoise for us to share and the Café Monster Burger for myself.  The Café Monster Burger is P395 and not P550 as on their website   Which is good at I am not sure I would pay anything a hair over P395 for a hamburger.

I am not going to talk about the veggie sandwich as I didn’t try it.  The salad nicoise was delicious but you can’t really go wrong putting that together, heck, I can’t cook but I bet I could make it.  What I am writing about is that dang burger.  Its big, about 1 third pound topped with cheese, a fried egg and onions and let me tell you, it is delicious.  I ordered it medium rare and it was so full of flavour from head to toe meaning the bread and all the toppings and that heavenly meat were all having a party in my mouth.  This is far better than the foie gras burger at Lusso next door.

Shocking shock, but go here for the burgers, their macaroons are ok but the burger is exceptional and at P395 not that bad.

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