Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Shrimp Bucket, Fort

The Shrimp Bucket is located in the Ground floor of the Grand Hamptons Building Tower 1, 2nd Ave corner 31st St, BGC, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig.  I happened to pass by it during its construction and it looked very interesting.  It opened a while back but we did finally end up trying it on a Lenten Friday night.  It’s not easy to find but its near La Girolle and very close to Burgos Circle. 

 The Menu

If you eat in Shrimp Bucket naturally you should order the Shrimp Bucket ( no shock there, if a restaurant is named after a dish then that is what you should order there).  But guess what?  The shrimp doesn’t come in a bucket, oh no it doesn't.  It comes in a clear plastic bag and so do the mussels.  The reason is that you choose a flavouring and then the shrimp or mussels are shaken with their sauces in the bag just like Potato Corner fries!

Our full order, the French Lemon Pepper Butter Sauce on the Mussels and the highly recommended Salty Eggperience sauce on the Shrimp plus an order of their fish and chips.

The bucket is for just for the discarded shells.  As I said, the shrimp doesn't come in a bucket although it does in other places like Bubba Gump in the case of one of my favorites there, the Bubba Gump bucket of boat trash (check out this pic of it). 

 The Salted Egg sauce was very, very good.  I think its mashed itlog na pula in lots of butter.  I enjoyed it so much that I would spoon it as sauce on my rice.  Everything was very good, for those who are calorie concerned, well, the secret to any restaurant is really butter on everything.  The sauces in Shrimp Bucket are no exception.  If you want to lose weight then its best to not get sauce in which you will miss out here.  The fish and chips are great not Fish and Co levels but quite good.

Here is another blog with a review to Shrimp Bucket.  My thoughts exactly, another alternative to Dampa!  Click on the next link if you want to know what other Seafood Restaurants are swimming around.


  1. hi! have you tried bag-o-shrimps already? mckinley hill. wondering which is better.

  2. Hi V,

    I haven't. I haven't been going out in quite a while. Will get back to you if I head over there. Do let me know if its good.


  3. Hi, do you know when it was featured on kris tv?