Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sutra at Bonifacio High Street Central

I oddly expected Sutra (prepare to dance on your seat if you click on that link, turn off speakers if at work) at Bonifacio High Street Central at the Fort to serve "passion food" or well, food that arouses or stimulates certain feelings such as food such Oysters and what not but that changed when I saw the menu.  

I actually read here that Sutra actually means "thread of life", go figure.

What initally attracted me to Sutra was their lunch menu which boasted of a four course meal at four hundred pesos but as luck would have it we went there on a Lenten Friday for dinner meaning no meat and no lunch menu :(

Black chandeliers, I know I've seen these before but can't remember where

Shot of the Bar
The Private room at the end

Spicy Firecracker
Adobo Escargot
My Glazed Tuna

 The "Earth" dumplings which had Shitake and bamboo shoots.  I didn't notice the bamboo but the Shitake was very tasty.
                            My custom Old Fashioned                                

We were two so we were given one of the tables for two next to the left wall.  I must say, I absolutely hate having a wall to my side.  I feel cramped and my elbow keeps banging in to them.  Otherwise I liked the look of the place.

I liked the Earth dumplings, if you read anything before you would know that I do love anything mushroom, the adobo escargot  -that I didn't order, never liked snails as food, heck I kept them as pets when I was younger (the aquatic kind).  On another note, you can tell if a Golden Snail is male or female by the color of the flesh of the live animal, golden are males and dark are female but I digress.  The firecracker was so so, if you want a truly awesome version go to Keiko in Pasay Road and get the Crazy Tuna Maki.  I did like my glazed Tuna Steak with mango, it was good and the closest thing I could have to meat that day.

The "famed" cocktails were not fantastic unfortunately but they were not expensive either at an average of P120 each you shouldn't expect much.  For cocktails there are places like Las Flores but you will run about P500 each!  You get what you pay for.

The experience was pleasant albeit a bit pricier than I imagined, the adobo escargot, firecracker, tuna steak, dumplings and three cocktails ran to P1,700 (will post the receipt tomorrow).

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