Saturday, March 23, 2013

Wrong Ramen is Wrong

Today is a gloomy, rainy day.  Breaking past the incredible week of sun and heat, the sky finally relents and drops rain on us and what better weather for Ramen?

I heard of this place called "Wrong Ramen" at Forbestown at the Fort, next to Bugsys'.  Being spanking new it was popular, this was actually my second attempt to get a table there and this time, luck prevailed.  Today there was no long line of people (mostly kids before) trying to get it as the rain created a divide from those who want to just try vs those who really want Ramen.

Wrong Ramen I learned promotes itself by calling itself "wrong" and being so good its "right".  I'm not a fun of reverse marketing because unless you are fantastic you are only adding to the challenge you face.

The interiors are rather cramped with a few tables on the ground and second floor.  Second floor seating is a Japanese style long table with dividers for privacy but nonetheless you will probably rub elbows with your neighbor so its way too cozy to bring a date.  The decor consists on different brand images like a Coke can and a Starbucks paper cup overflowing with Ramen complete with their corporate messaging of Ramen Wrong or Ramen Right, whatever.

We ordered the Japanese Oyster, P290.  I didn't know what it was, I was expecting an oyster plate but instead it was two breaded oyster pieces skewered on the classiest barbecue sticks I have ever seen but that is P150 for one oyster?  I bit into it expecting to see the sky part and a rainbow burst through but nothing happened. It is something I would never order again.

Next was the Inoki Mushroom Fries (P160) which I had been looking forward to.  Battered and fried mushrooms sound like something out of my Tagaytay favorit, Mushroomburger.  The thing is, the oil was not drained at all, each bite left your mouth wet with their deep frying oil - in fairness to them it wasn't rancid.  I used three napkins soaked through and through to remove some of the oil.

Last was our Friday Lenten sacrifice concession, the Sea Men Ramen (P345, yeah, disgusting name, not clever at all and grossly overplayed).  It was ordinary to me.  The broth typical of seafood soup embellished with two squid rings, some shrimp and clams.

Wrong Ramen is another player in the weird Ramen Wars today with a ramen joint popping in every week it seems.  Ukkokei is still my favorite but with parking being so difficult I had only been there once.

"Better to make Wrong Ramen then Right Ramen Wrong" is Wrong Ramen's battle cry - check out their Facebook page, I understand they have to resort to gimmickry to get the how many could they be ramen afficionados.  Although I wasn't very happy, I heard their other Ramen bowls are worth trying.

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