Sunday, April 21, 2013

Le Ching Tea house

I absolutely love Le Ching Tea House!  Le Ching is an institution for those that frequent the Greenhills shopping center where demand for their brand of affordable Chinese food has forced them to open a second branch within spitting distance of the first in Shoppesville.

Our order, Beef Brisket and Spare Ribs Rice Toppings and Hakaw and Siomai

They have a few more branches in Quezon City.  Le Ching is one of those places that is consistently good and such great value.  Such great value that it is possible to deliberate whether to eat in Le Ching or Mc Donald's or more accurately Chowking.  The fantastic rice toppings are generous and at P155 are something you could actually share with another person.  The dim-sum is at about 100 pesos or less for each order.

The vibe is fast paced, this is a restaurant that thrives on volume and so the food is served in about five minutes even with the up to fifteen minute warning for dimsum on the menu.  Le Ching is also home of the best chili garlic sauce I know of, ask for extra load the sauce dish with a whole calamansi and toyo to make it full and douse generously on every bite.  I literally have scalp sweat because of all the chili garlic I use because its just so dang good.  I highly recommend the Beef Brisket rice, one of my all time favorite dishes in the world.  The beef is always soft and tasty and the rice has abundant sauce compared to the drier but also delicious spare ribs.  The dimsum is very good too, for the price, naturally there is better dim sum but not for 100 pesos!  The beef brisket however I would put in a lineup against any restaurant serving it.

I love Le Ching, one of the saddest things about my life is that I am not in Greenhills more often to have it frequently.  Le Ching is undeniably one of my all time favorite restaurants.

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