Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Burger Bar

The Metro has been peppered with the rise of the burger joints.  Like the mushrooms topping some burgers it seems like a burger restaurant has sprouted out of every nook and cranny you see and each claims to be the best.  Throwing its hat into the ring for your burger peso is Burger Bar.

Getting to Burger Bar is easy, it is in Greenbelt 2 at the Ayala Center, Makati.  Unless you hit this place during Christmas, a sale/payday weekend there shouldn't be any major problem getting there.  It is along the original restaurant row alongside the ever living Nuvo, wine bar whose neighbors come and go but it yet remains.  Burger Bar is on the second floor of Nam Nam which I understand is a sister company.

 The Signature Burgers

As I mentioned in the Burger Project article, this is one of those places that allow you to build your own burger starting with bread, patty, toppings etc.  But as I didn't feel too DIY I went with their stock double cheeseburger for P295, my companions went nuts on the signature burgers.  Add P85 and get fries and a drink, at last a value meal!

 The Rising Shroom

 Plain ole Double Patty Cheeseburger

4 Cheese Chuck with Bacon

After quite the wait the food finally arrived.  As we were hungry and all ordered double patties we didn't bother with appetizers.  The burgers arrived each looking very different from the other as they should.  The meat is excellent at Burger Bar.  Very wet and juicy, which can be bad or good depending on your taste.  The bread is formidable and the claimed 1/3 pound double patties seemed right at home.  Somehow my cheeseburger tasted like an improved Quarter Pounder which for me is a very big complement!

The fries are machine cut and taste store bought, nowhere near the Mc Donald's benchmark.  The vegetables were crisp and fresh although the ketchup and mustard were a bit overpowering.  

In terms of value, its quite good although I think for the money a Friday's burger with its delicious fries is a compelling proposition.  I know I am leaving mixed signals here but I am not too sure if I'd go back anytime soon considering the amount of options out there.  Heck I may do each one in the Battle Burger list, click to check it out, I recommend you do!

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