Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Burger Project Jupiter

Driving around last Thursday we came across "The Burger Project" in Jupiter Street Makati.  The Burger Project aptly lives up to his name because their differentiator is that you literally have a "burger project" It is one of those joints in which you literally build your own burger from the ground up just the way you like it.  You start a checklist, first you select your bun, meat, add ons such as bacon, cheese, vegetables, sauce and sidings.  I didn't take a picture of the checklist which serves as their menu with pricing but present to you my receipt instead for your perusal.

You can tell what we ordered from the receipt, my girl had a fried Portabello mushroom which came sliced thinner that I thought humanly possible and blue cheese while I had Canadian Bacon, cheddar and an egg.  Both on wheat buns and using 1/3 pound Angus beef patties.

Taste wise, I can say it was ok.  I personally prefer more aggressive seasoning that doesn't overpower the taste of the beef and yet gives a bite of flavor when all the ingredients come together.  But I must admit, I did not really want to assemble a burger, I was someone to make the optimal combination for me.  As each chef makes their signature dishes based on combinations they think will be best I want that imposed on me.  Sure everything is good with bacon and cheese but which bacon and which cheese?  The Burger Project is like me going to the grocery and buying ingredients of my choosing except instead of me firing up a grill someone cooks it for me, sort of like the Dampa of hamburger aficionados.  But they did have a few combinations available as stock burgers like a thai burger with mango and chili sauce but a quick mental computation made me think I was better off building something of my own, besides, that is why you are here for anyway.

Tada!  Our finished burgers.  Not bad for the price though, at P460 for both.  I like Chili's and Friday's burger, Burger Barn and the Sweet Bella Burgers but they all cost about P400 each so the Burger Project is actually reasonable and good value.  The only gripe really is the seasoning of the meat, a little more salt and pepper would have made a huge difference.  This was one of the most bland angus I have ever had.  But to contradict myself, yes I will come back here.  Its in a nook in Jupiter, has its own parking and is reasonable enough to give a second chance to, but I will choose plain USDA beef next time.

The Burger Project Jupiter

38 Jupiter St. corner Planet St.
Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines

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