Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Vask at the Fort

Past Market Market in parts of the Fort previously unknown to me lies the Clip Center Building, so named because it is inspired by paper clips as seen on the cladding over the all glass of the building sides.  On the fifth floor is the newly opened Vask.  Vask is so named because the food is inspired by the Basque region of Spain and especially of note are the Pinxtos (Pinchos) literally "pinches" which are not so small bites of bread with different toppings such as shrimp, ham and what not.

I was struck by how interesting the setting was, a Spanish inspired long table seating was the first thing I saw and then the "hidden Mickey's cut out of the cladding on the ceiling, very playful.   The entire area feels like the building, roomy and open.  The ambience is clean and new, it doesn't feel like fine dining, I saw people walk in wearing shorts but I believe they were seated outside on the deck.  The inside crowd is an interesting mix of society and business notables and Vask was close to full capacity on a Tuesday night.

 The long table

 Another Seating Area

 The bar

 The Pinchos

The Pinchos remind of Sushi Bars with sushi spinning along in conveyor belts because they are laid out on the bar.  People sitting at the bar can pick and choose simply by taking a Pinco and putting it in their own plates. Wonderful "pulutan".  For some reason their draft San Miguel Pale Pilsen tasted heavenly, maybe I've been drinking San Mig Light for too long.....

Food prepared before your eyes 

 The Cocktails, I recommend the "Vask".  The Vask has ginger and chili to give you just a little bite or drag in the throat to make each sip interesting.  At P250 each there is no reason in my mind not to keep them coming as I must say these are the absolute best cocktails I have had in a long time at any price.

 Their version of Sangria

  View from the deck, what struck me was how awesome the Fort Skyline was becoming, I feel it will rival Hong Kong in a few years.
 Amy Cathouse Dishes

 The Facade

 The Vask Cocktail

I'm not a crazy foodie but I was very impressed with the place.  You get value for the price as the place is brand new, well appointed and the service is impeccable.  The food and drinks all taste like they were made from the best stuff on Earth.  I had the croquettas, egg tortilla, spicy mussels and the Bacalao because I was there more for pica picas and to try the cocktails.

Funny as I read through the cocktail list I looked at the description and ingredients, when I decided to order, scarcely had I opened my mouth to ask for a "La Reina" (the queen, Earl Grey and Apple) that I told them to hold on a bit while I quickly scanned for something more manly sounding.  Not finding anything more masculine sounding I thought to myself what is more macho than being able to order the girliest drink at a bar and being sure of one's sexuality so La Reina it was.  But one thing that I have to highly, highly recommend is "the Vask" cocktail.  When I come back to Vask it will be for the Vask.

Vask Modern Tapas & Gastronomic Cuisine
11th Ave cor. 39th Street, The Fort 

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