Thursday, May 9, 2013

1521 Restaurant - Great Filipino Food Restaurant

1521 restaurant, a wonderfully Filipino Restaurant that even takes the names of regular Filipino dishes and further Filipinizes them with colloquial phrases to create names such as Sisiga Sisig, Laing ni Popeye and Hari ng Lechon Kawali - the three dishes I ordered during a Filipino Food craving.  There are times that I just have to have my fried, salty and very crispy pork whether sisig, lechon kawali or crispy pata.  There is not taking that away from any Pinoy.

 Cute murals depicting Filipino festive meals adorn the walls

It was my second trip there and coincidentally again it smelled like they just sprayed insecticide.  My girl asked the waiter if they did just spray some Baygon and the waiter's deadpan reaction is testament to their zest towards the regular destruction of all Phyllum Anthropoda that had taken up residence in their fine establishment.

 I love the woven fan display

 Yes, Christmas in May, that is a giant Capiz Parol

 Delicious Laing

 Lechon Kawali with Burro and a single slice of bacon

 Ah, the Sisig

The very generous single serving of Garlic Rice

The service is great, food is served fast and the waiters and lone waitress are smiling and polite.  Pricing is not bad too, the sisig was P215, Laing was P280, Lechon Kawali was P290 and the rice P65.  And all were generous portions, I could have shared this with two other people.

1521 is an awesome Filipino Food restaurant (click for more) the kicker is how they innovate, plate and improve classics.  The sisig for example is served on a long ceramic plate and generously topped with crispy chicharon.  The 1521 flavor is spicy, rich as you can see from their generous application of green pepper and sili labuyo.  I love it there and will be back, my one itsy bitsy complaint is that the sisig was a bit too salty but heck, that is what the garlic rice is for.  Five stars!

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