Thursday, May 16, 2013

Brotzeit! Sausage Fest at Shang Mall, Mandaluyong

A meeting brought me to Shang Mall in Mandaluyong.  What I remember the most about Shang Mall is the nutty parking.  You have one parking building that is quite steep and alternates between large parking spaces and narrow parking spaces and then you have another building with the narrowest lanes to go up.  I feel my heart jump every time I see how narrow it is as I don't drive the narrowest of cars.  Lo and behold, the landscape of Shang mall is forever changed by their recent expansion.  Inspired I supposed by what is happening at SM Megamall's growth the Shang itself has ponied up on anabolics and now looks twice as massive.

After my meeting my girl met up with me and mentioned to me she was starving.  She knew exactly where she wanted to eat, in Brotzeit, a Singaporean German Restaurant franchise in that little strip of restaurants outside the mall facing the hotel.  She had eaten in Brotzeit Singapore and was craving German beer and food fare.  I was going to write sausages instead of food fare but I changed my mind last minute.

The thing is with me, I am a forced foodie because my girl is a full on foodie.  If I am by myself I usually grab a bite in the food court.  Sausages for me are of the in a bun variety but now I was about to indulge in sausages the German way, with sauerkraut (needed spell check for that), potatoes and mustard.

 Du'oh!  Missed Happy Hour!  Achtung!  300 for a half liter?  How does that compare to a pint?  So I can compare against draft beer at Draft.  Metric vs English skills went down the minute I left grade school.

 One of the draft beer stations with their house Paulaner Beer
The Paulaner Light and Medium Beers (light for me and medium for the girl - don't laugh, you'll get it once you have abs to care for too)

Immediately I thought of Draft when I entered Brotzeit.  Obviously both had the German tavern concept with long benches, wooden tables and long bar going on.  What interested me immediately was the beer.  They had Paulaner on tap and a few other things.  I ordered what looked like the palest because we Pinoys have a crazy ability to imbibe beer and I didn't want to rack up a thousand calories in two hours.

The waitress was steering us towards a sausage sampler platter for P960 containing about four varieties of sausage but it didn't have the curry sausage my girl wanted.  Seeing as how the cheese sausage platter I wanted is 430 and the curry sausage platter she wanted was 430 there fore 860 total it didn't compute to get the 960 sausage sampler so I told her with finality that if she wanted curry sausage then she should have it!  We tend to overorder as a couple and this was one way of curbing the expanding growth of my belly.

What we first noticed was the somewhat quiet ambiance at seven.  Unfortunately as the crowd poured in it became increasingly difficult to hear each other at around 7:30.  This place gets packed!

 Cheese Sausages
 Curry Sausage
Apple Strudel

The food is good, not spectacular but quite enjoyable.  What I liked best were the fries that came with the curry sausage.  The sausages themselves were so so.  The curry sausage was merely topped with a thin curry sauce and I found that the curry flavor didn't continue past the skin.  The cheese sausage was mild, there would be a spritz of liquid with every slice but I couldn't taste the cheese notwithstanding, the sausage was still good.  The portions are good and you will feel quite full afterwards.

I know people who absolutely love this kind of eating and I would recommend this place to them in a heartbeat because there are very few of the type.  Other places like this I would recommend are well, Draft, the Appenzeller and Chateau Europe over at Bf homes.  

As to be expected there were quite a few expats there for just the beer.

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