Friday, May 3, 2013

Exotic Food in Beijing

These pics aren't mine but of my sister on a Beijing, China tour and well I just want to share my shock with what passes for street food there.

 These look illegal, but one can never be sure, maybe they are a common species and farmed somewhere.

As a admittedly advanced petkeeper back in the day I can say that the ones on top are Asian Forest Scorpions (Heterometrus Spinifer - naks) which we actually have here.  The ones we see in exotic petshops are from Palawan.  Now these scorpions are not too bad as pets, they use their claws primarily and rarely their sting, but not that I recommend keeping scorpions for anyone - a) its still dangerous b) they are really boring pets.  Now the critter below is far more dangerous, you can tell how deadly a scorpion is by the proportion of its tail to its claws - big claws and small tail means less venom because the scorpion uses its claws to hunt and defend itself while little Tyranosaurs like hands means that big ole tail of its packs quite the sting and most hobbyists should avoid it.  As for eating it, my sister passed but I imagine you would get a bit of a reaction if you ingest it even if the venom wasn't injected into your bloodstream.

No idea what this is, my sister didn't know either.  Actually looks yummy.

Well if you do get a hankering to checkout China give a few travel agents a call and see what packages there are.  In case you didn't know the place that inspired the floating islands in the Avatar movie are in China, check out this link to see pics.

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