Monday, May 6, 2013

Greeka Kouzina - A Greek jewel in Metro Manila

Last Sunday after mass my family and I made the trip to San Juan to eat in the much talked about Greek Kouzina restaurant along P. Guevarra.  Greek Kouzina is famed to be a worthy alternative to Cyma the biggest name in Greek cuisine.  We took Wilson Street from EDSA then turned right to P Guevarra and its on the right side.

Greek Kouzina has absolutely no trouble attracting patrons, packed to the brim at 1:30 pm on Sunday we were told we had a twenty minute wait.  Parking is limited and there are no reservations on weekends.  Someone told me the best is to go on an odd hour on a weekday if you have the time.

Having made our way there and not wanting to head back to Wilson we decided to wait.  There were several families there and what impressed me the most is the huge portion of roast lamb everyone seemed to order.

 Very pretty multi colored lamps famed in the Greek Turkish regions hang from the wall

 First time I took a picture of any floor for these rather pretty tiles

 Another shot of the lanterns

The first dish we ordered was the Fig Roka salad, I have no pics because we started eating at past two and when you are used to eating at twelve sharp and you get food at two, trust me, taking a picture of the food is not a priority.  I am not a salad guy, for me the only salad I can name is Caesar Salad, preferably the extra fattening kind at Friday's or Chili's but as of then there is the Fig Roka salad in my vocabulary.  Yes, it is that good.  Good portions of fried figs, tomato and nuts with arugula and other levaes.  It is something I will order again without hesitation and something I could have as my main course.

Hummus and Artichoke spread for pita and bread.  So-so.  Not bad but not stunning.

 Here is what you come here for, the lamb neck.  Yes, under that juicy mutton is the vertebrae of baa baa and it is delicious with the sauces.  On its own it lacks flavor but it really comes alive with the gravy sauce.  I have no idea what the lighter colored one is but the brown one is much better.

 Beef Souvlaki



The Greek lemon potatoes

The kicker is that Greek Kouzina's main courses come with a generous side dish and potatoes. The Greek macaroni, moussaka and potatos were all side dishes.  Greek Kousina is actually pretty good value and we over ordered thinking the portions would be puny but instead the food portions were worthy of Sparta!!!!

The Souvlaki was smoky and flavorful.  We had the Kalamari, you all know what that is, that was ok.

My mine takeaway from the experience would be to go to Greeka Kouzina for the meat, Cyma has nothing on their meat.  But if the clam pasta, hummus and artichoke means a lot to you go to Cyma.

On another note, if you want good Greek Yogurt, go to Market Market ;)

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