Monday, June 17, 2013

Mc Donald's Drive Through VIP! More important than any entrance or security sticker!

I eat Mc Donald's often.  Seriously, like at least thrice a week, primarily because I get their longganisa meal which is only available on their breakfast menu to eat for lunch (clever huh?).  And recently I've only barely discerened through the unintelligible crackle of the drive through speaker system "Sir!  may VIP sticker ba kayo?".  The first time I heard that I was too sleepy to mutter anything more that I didn't have it and my regular order but today it dawned on me that I should be VIP of VIPs at good old Mc Do so after being asked at the drive through today if I had a sticker I then demanded one.  I was then told I would receive one with my food, well, I wasn't given one so I demanded one again.  


Love ko to'
I was given a sticker and told that it entitled me to a free drink upgrade.  The Mc Donald's Philippines page basically says that you get a free drink upgrade up to August 2, 2013.  Since the promo runs to December 31, 2013 I imagine the freebie will change.  Naturally only one freebie per order - now if you can get another freebie by driving through the drivethrough again I will leave to you to find out.

Demand your VIP sticker at any Mc Donald's drive through today!

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