Friday, June 28, 2013

The Toasted Brioche Dessert at Vask Manila

I wasn't going to write about Vask Manila again so soon but something compelled me.  I am not a foodie by nature, as I mentioned I am at my element lining up at a stainless steel counter where I can see the food ready in front of me with the option to dine in or to go.  I write here just because I happen to eat out more.  Matter of fact I should have written about my dating life before I would have gotten a million readers for that at least but that is a different story.

So what compelled me? This:

The Vask Toasted Brioche with Ice Cream

Soft, rich yet light.  The sweetness is delectable and not at all overpowering.  The ice cream is infused with star anise - said someone who tried it too.  I don't even know what that is but this certainly tastes like it was made in God's kitchen and this is what you would eat in heaven.  I must say congratulations to their Chef on one of the few desserts I feel compelled to tell everyone to try.

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