Tuesday, July 2, 2013

KPub Barbecue at the Fort Strip - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Pasig day today means that my girl had the whole day off and I had promised to take her somewhere to eat.  It was early enough so on my lunch break we decided to try the "All you can eat for P499" of KPub Barbecue at the Fort Strip.

KPub is loud, loud visually because how can you miss the bright, intensely colorful,  almost neon panels when you pass by at night.  During the day it still is an imposing structure and you enter through what looks like a small glass door and people dressed in uniforms complete with military shoulder decorations or epaulette (you learn something everyday).

Inside it is batshit insane, KPub is wide with high ceilings and there is a stage like area where there is a wall of widescreen Plasma TVs that play an endless loop of high definition K Pop videos with really awesome surround sound.  This place is indescribable, I can only attempt to say it is more entertainment lounge, concert hall, movie theater, casino, Las Vegas, dance fllor - as a matter of fact restaurant would oddly be the last thing that comes to mind.  I can honestly say I haven't seen another restaurant with so much personality.

This hive pattern reminds me of Hyve.....

Opulent, extravagant interiors in Royal Purple
Our server Sarah brought us the menu.  Now the 499 eat all you can is for a limited (but quite a bit) selection of meat and unlimited Korean appetizers and rice - good for one hour.  The thing is, piggy me was thinking "is an hour enough?".  I eat fast and a lot (especially if its a buffet I'm paying for) so I was wondering if an hour was enough because they cook the meat in front of you (hence eating downtime).  Oh let me tell you, an hour is absolutely perfect.


On the side wall is a large poster with the owner, George Pua sitting like some godfather pimp/Hugh Heffner in shades surrounded by his choicest staff.  Unforunately I don't have a picture of that.

The unlimited appetizers - half of them!

Sarah and friends slaved over a hot grill to cook everything for us, talk about great service!

This was my favorite, thinly sliced pork - kind of like bacon less the salt

My girl kept eating this, its a Kimchi pancake which tasted very cheesy to me

 Steamed Egg
 Birthday Gangnam Style Dance

Our nicely grilling meat thanks to Sarah
Dessert Rice Drink
The food is wonderful, freshly grilled, high quality meat along with vegetables and spicy sauces make this a really fine way to spend about P540 - what it comes out to with taxes. Everything is cooked right in front of you and everything is good, I haven't been this pleased about anything in quite a long time!

They tirelessly cook everything in front of you and immediately put the ready meat in narrow, long dish in front of you.  All the meat gets mixed together making it a bit difficult to identify what you're eating.  Its ok, everything is good, you just have to remember what you liked if you want to order it again.  I suppose getting the meat mixed up could be fixed by having more plates with specific designations - say yellow for chicken, Brown for Pork and Blue for Beef but that would be a lot more work and investment for the restaurant and staff.  I didn't mind at all, it only added to the fun.

All I could think of what how much I loved KPub!  Chicken and Beer at Burgos Circle gives you a similar experience with good food and K Pop but KPub magnifies this to the point that you feel like you're eating in a game show or in front of a slot machine at a casino.  There was a PSY medley and by the time "Gentleman" was playing I started bobbing my head while eating, hypnotically affixed to the tv screens.  KPub is gaudy, over the top and one of the most fun and interesting eating experiences I have ever had.  I will have to be back to bring my family soon, this place is just too good not to share, I want other people to be as happy as I am right now.  I am writing this with a smile on my face :)

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