Thursday, July 18, 2013

Lights On Studio and Lechon (Lydia's) at Roces Avenue, Quezon City

I found myself in Roces street in Quezon City for a little e commerce project of mine.  I needed really good pictures to make the items look appealing.  I love my products very much and want to show them to others but seriously there is only so much you can do with a phone camera and even with a great camera there is only so much you can do yourself and that is why there are professionals.

Work aside, one thing that really interested me was the full service Lydia's Lechon restaurant across the street.  For some reason, I cannot resist anything pork, I once contemplated the deepest question "if I could choose only one animal to eat for the rest of my life, which would it be?"  simple answer, "pork".

Work started at 8am and by ten thirty I was thinking that its a lechon place in a relatively busy street and would no doubt be filled to the brim by noon.  So I asked the owner and Lights On Studio photographer, Chad Ong to have lunch with me.

Lydia's Lechon is awesome, they are an institution in Filipino culture - at least in Luzon as I bet anyone down South has different best lechon bets.  But I grew up watching Lydia's lechon television ads in noon time shows and afternoon shows.  Nothing pleased me more than seeing this Lydia's Lechon sit down restaurant.  The ambiance is very nice, its sit down fast food but in a relatively less fastfood setting.  They have the menu of a Filipino Food Restaurant in a Food Court if you know what I mean.  Some bopis, vegetables, pinakbet, barbecue and of course, lechon.  Php155 gets you one viand with vegetables and PhP175 gets you two viands.  I went for the PhP175 - lechon and barbecue served with soup and rice of course.

What really got me are the "party packages".  Currently for PhP1400 you can get seafood paella, ten sticks of their very large barbecue and two kilos of lechon.  I am not mathematician but I am sure you are getting crazy savings (P175 for 1/4 kilo lechon, P65 per barbecue stick and no idea how much the paella is).

After the great meal it was back to work.  I have worked with quite a few photographers but really enjoy working with Lights On and am very happy to write about them.  They are receptive to client (me) ideas and have many of their own, they do not rush the work.

Photography is really all about preparing to take the right shot.  You study the subject, see how to best present it and capture it then create the best conditions (light, distance, background etc).  No hightech camera can make something look good, yup folks, its all on the photographer.  We ten to think of mall studios taking a few quick shots but for really professional portraiture it takes time to discover the best angles which explains why the studio shots of people at Lights On look so good.  You cannot rush it.  Pressing click on the camera is just a quick culmination of much preparation.

Lights On Studios is located at 34 Scout Reyes cor Scout Castor, Don A Rocess Ave. , Quezon City, Philippines.  They are a full photography studio that does Wedding Coverage starting at PhP60,000 for photos, video and albums.  Which is the lowest rate I have ever heard of for high quality work.

Master Photographer at work

Lights On Studios does:
- Wedding Coverage - Photo and Video
- Party Coverage
- Corporate Events
- Portraiture
- Child Photography
- Maternity Shoots
- Kids Photography
- Macro Photography
- Outdoor Shoots
- Prenup Shoots
- Debut Coverage
- Studio Rental
- Photography Workshops
- Makeup Workshops

You can reach them at (02) 998 4398

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