Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My Kitchen by Chef Chris at Paco Park Manila

I for one never got what the big deal is with "panizza" or the pizza that is built on a very fine crust in which you roll arugula and alfalfa sprouts for extra flavor and texture.  To my knowledge the panizza craze in the Philippines started a few years back in C's, an Italian restaurant in Pampanga which became the foodie destination back then though I personally cannot understand why people would travel far - say from Metro Manila just to eat pizza.  I would recommend a trip like that if you make at least an entire day out of it say go to Clark, Pinatubo and what not then go to C's for dinner before heading back.  I actually mentioned that I wouldn't travel for food and everybody disagreed with me, go figure.

Anyhow, the panizza craze then spread through Yellow Cab's "Dear Darla" version but now the Chef of C's moved to Manila so Metro Manila folk can now find his panizza at the Oasis Hotel beside Paco Park in Manila.   Now if you plan to go I also suggest seeing gorgeous Paco Park too.

You may wonder why I, someone who wouldn't go very far for food (or haven't found the food I would travel for yet) have eaten at My Kitchen at Paco Park, well it is because I actually work near there :D

Parking is a bit of an issue, it may seem odd parking at the side of a busy street looping around the Paco Park but the security guards seem to be very vigilant though I decided to lug all my valuables to the Oasis hotel.

There were four of us on this trip, my parents, my sister and I.  My sister bought coupons for the panizza at 50% of on some coupon site.  I suggest doing that too, after all savings are savings!

Angelico - chorizo, salami, bacon and mushrooms

Your add on toppings, arugula and alfalfa sprouts - Don't forget the chili oil!

Don Carmelo - chorizo, anchovies and peccorini cheese

The Panizza here is fantastic, absolutely no comparison to others in Metro Manila I have tried. I love pizza period whether fastfood type or the more upscale restaurant types (but more of the former).  The Panizza in My Kitchen appeals to my taste because I prefer less crust and more toppings, I feel like I am biting into a cheese slice with toppings on it - the dough crust is sort of my paper plate to hold it all together -which I eat.

Don't forget the chili oil before you roll your panizza!

Bistecca Sirloin
 I do not recommend the sirloin, it was not soft, expensive and unremarkable.  Now it came with roast squash, potatoes and carrots which I like but the meat itself was so so, it is P850.

Penne Roberto
 Now everyone liked the Penne Roberto Pasta, this I highly recommend along with the panizza for the ultimate carbo fest.

Vanilla Panna Cotta with Strawberry Preserves
 Hmmmm, dessert is so so.  The gelatto was icy.

This is our bill less two senior citizen discounts, remember the two panizzas were not included because we had coupons 
Now the Oasis Hotel isn't difficult to get to from anywhere in Metro Manila.  It won't take you long from the end of South Superhighway (Manila side) if you go at an off traffic hour, go during weekday rush hours and well, hmmmm - remember that the Paco area and the areas going to it are the truck routes and we all gotta love seeing all the commerce.  Another restaurant in the area worth checking out is L' eau Vive, perhaps My Kitchen then Paco Park then L'eau Vive  to make your Manila trip worth it.

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