Sunday, July 21, 2013

Seoul Express at the Fort Strip

Seoul Express is a hole in the wall looking place - in the Fort Strip BGC which is puzzling considering the posh, high end appearances of all its immediate neighbors such as Cafe Puccini and Kasbah.  Seoul Express looks like a kitchen counter and has a small outdoor eating area in the space in front of it under a tarpaulin rood.  I have always looked at it inquisitively and yet never ventured to eat there.  I have to admit I like street food hawker type establishments when I am off exploring a sidewalk but not in the Fort Strip.  I am a simple guy and this out of place little restaurant did not compute in my brain.

There it is!  Right below Fitness First!  Shot taken from outside URBN

Months since I first saw Seoul Express, I noticed that it was thriving and never seemed to lack for a crowd, there must be something to it I thought.  So the next post rainy day my girl and I decided to check it out.  I had such a great time a KPub that I felt any Korean Food could do no wrong.

Prices aren't bad, I think the small portions are usually enough

Original Bibimbab

Tuna Sashimi Bibimbab
One thing about me, I will always choose the dish with egg, always.  I love eggs, they are delicious and add protein so I ordered the original Bibimbab while my girl got the Tuna Sashimi Bibimbab, we both got large which you don't really need, small next time.  Funny but a lot of the beverages are imported from Korea, including the bottled water - how cheap could the shipping be?  Or do Koreans miss the waters of home?

As for value, at 280 and 300 pesos I wouldn't say its cheap.  But I do have an idea of what Fort Strip rent is so I completely understand.  The food is good, the red, spicy sauce and the "appetizers" are all in your bowl which you are supposed to mix together -  another favorite of mine, I love "arroz ala cubana" and love mixing it all together and eating the complex mix of each component in every bite.  No need to portion and plan each bite, just mix it all!

What can I say?  Its good Korean food made right their by a Korean couple.  Eating outside isn't so bad as long as it isn't full on summer.  The staff is friendly and knowledgeable.  To sum this up, its really a hawker market experience that sticks out like amidst one of the swankiest areas in Metro Manila.  Dining here is a novel, non commercial experience, like dining in exactly what it is, an authentic Korean kitchen.  Try it!

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