Monday, September 23, 2013

Antonio's Breakfast, Tagaytay

Antonio's Breakfast in Antonio's is one of those places people go to from Metro Manila just to get away. I see this placed used by car and bike clubs as the destination for a weekend fun run, the breakfast point after an hour or so of spirited dawn driving through sleepy towns forced to wake by the rumble of a convoy of machines.  It could be argued that this venue was selected because of its ample parking space but the most compelling reason is the good food.  I didn't come here because of a fun run and came in the evening but I did see two or three muscle cars parked there.  I was with my family and we went in this cold rainy night.

This wasn't my first time here, I love Antonio's breakfast, the country inspired interior, the fresh bread, herbs and dessert takeout counter on the immediate right of the door and the view of Taal lake at the far side all let you know that you aren't in Metro Manila anymore.  Antonio's is a hallmark of quality Tagaytay cuisine whether it be breakfast, grill or the cliche everybody proposes there coz its so pretty Antonio's Garden. I tell you that most guys only take a really long drive to a destination restaurant to either a) drive a fast ride over a long distance or b) to impress a girl they really like/love.  I however was there because of a previous engagement nearby, destination eating is not my thing.

I just love breakfast food, I love fried garlic rice, eggs, salty meat and what not.  I just don't like eating all of that for breakfast, there is nothing like massive amounts of oil and carbs to slow you down before your day has even began.  However, what I love is breakfast room for dinner, thats right folks and I have come to the right place for my dinner.

Bacon and Cheese Rosti

Mushroom and Truffle Pasta

Reuben Sandwich

Fresh Corned Beef, Cheese, Sauerkraut goodness

Now Antonio's Breakfast is very well known for its Beef Tapa.  Beef tapa, the standard issue Filipino breakfast is indeed good here, but in my opinion it is not what you should be having.  And I present our choices above for your consideration.  The Bacon and Cheese rosti is a wonderful medley or rich, salty flavors which I feel is best shared as a side dish as is can be overpowering as a main.  Another great to share is the five cheese pizza which is good though not spectacular, it is still a good filler in case your main comes short of satisfying you.  Another companion had the truffled, mushroom pasta which too was delicious but none compared to my Reuben sandwich.

As we arrived late I was being hurried into making a decision, being unable to decided I was about to blurt either the tapa or the house burger until the table next to us had the piece of sandwich heaven served to them.  And like a stunned teenager at a soiree I had to shyly ask our waitress for the identity of such a beautiful looking dish and the rest is history.

My Reuben was a delicious combination of fresh corned beef, sauerkraut, cheese and bread.  It was filling, tasty and quite satisfying.  It is now my new hamburger, the dish to be ordered automatically whenever I find it served.  Now the hunt for Reuben sandwiches in Metro Manila begins.

A very odd thing about Antonio's breakfast are the signs that people who speak abusively to their servers would be asked to leave.  This made me wonder just how many rude people come here that necessitate the fixing of the aforementioned signs.  Maybe the testosterone and adrenaline infused idiocy of some people on fun runs but who knows.

Oh, the chocolate truffle cheesecake is something to try.  Truffle oil, cheesecake and chocolate leaves you wondering for a few seconds whether you like it or not, chances are you will.

Breakfast is a great place, drive carefully and always treat everyone everywhere with respect!

Antonio's contact information here, they don't do reservations at Breakfast though.

How to get to Antonio's Breakfast through this map.

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