Monday, September 16, 2013

Hosseins Restaurant: Persian, Arabian and Indian cuisine at Serendra

Filipinos love Middle Eastern food, don't believe me?  Take yourself back to the mid to late nineties explosion of Shawarma joints all over the place.  There was Shawarma everywhere including the famous Shawarma Snack Center (SSC) in Sucat which was the hangout of people there before the recent explosion of establishments within Aguirre road(if you haven't been there in a while you are in for a shock).

Back to Hossein's!  Hossein's in Serendra is one of the nicest looking Middle Eastern restaurants in Metro Manila complete with those booths partitioned by curtains to make you feel like a Caliph about to be served his dinner.

What I like about Hossein's is what differentiates it from the other restaurants serving the same fare, quality and authenticity.  There is something to each dish, extra spices, extra steps such as imbuing smokiness into the grilled meets that make everything ooze quality, no shortcuts here and its worth the premium.

The rich beef kebab can be ordered in mild or spicy is hearty with its saffron rice, filling and again the meat quality is evident as it is free of gristle and what not you get from ordinary ground beef.



Although we went through a crazy day of rain and traffic, Hossein's was surprisingly full.  Its just that good, I can think of few others that give you so accurate (I imagine) a taste of Persia.  Although Persia Grill is quite good and is at half the price and is a great place to drink - read

I highly recommend this place and its great for a date..

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