Thursday, September 5, 2013

Sneak Peek at OTKB Olive Tree Kitchen & Bar at High Street, Bonifacio Global City

Known as OTKB, because Olive Tree Kitchen & Bar can be quite a mouthful or a lot to text is the newest restaurant on the block.  I seriously thought OTKB was a spin off NKTOB (or new kids on the block) - something something restaurant on the block.  Anyhow the Olive Tree Kitchen and Bar is the newest restaurant of Master Chef Rob Pengson.

Breakfast Terra Cotta
sous vide egg, baguette

Fresh Ricotta
Roasted Cherry and Heirloom Potatoes, alfalfa sprouts 

Caesar Salad with Chicken Milanese
Caesar Salad with breaded chicken on the side

Pepperoni Pizza

Char grilled Wagyu Bistecca

OKTB Burger
 The pizza is very, very good, so much so I kept thinking of Stella Wood Fire Bistro's Pizza my new pizza favorite, OKTB's pizza is very good and I could come here just to eat pizza.  I actually prefer a thinner crust and more of the toppings area but this was very good indeed.

We tried two of the breakfast dishes or egg dishes which come in deep dishes and you stir everything up to distribute the egg and allow it to cook slightly more.  I love dishes like these, the yolk and bread tend to thicken making this hearty and mellow accentuated with a tinge of spice to give you a bit of a bite.

The salad comes with the chicken and Caesar dressing on the side. The dressing was pleasant and not overpowering and the chicken's breading was delicate and thin.

Everything was good and mind you this is the soft opening or trial period.  The staff is friendly and quite eager.  I see a great future for this really nice family place.  The ambiance is pleasant and although still not completely finished I can imagine more eye catching accents as it comes closer to its grand opening this third week of September.  I will be back.

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