Friday, January 3, 2014

Fill Me Up Buttercup! At SM BF homes

My Little Buttercup is known for their cupcakes.  I used to think cupcakes were a very simple thing, after all it was a miniature cake with frosting on top, something you can even find in supermarkets with the "twinkie" treatment of preservatives and wrapped in individual packaging with the ability to store unrefrigerated for months.  There are cupcakes in less inexpensive bakeries making it something fairly common.

But the truth is, there are cupcakes and there are CUPCAKES!  Gourmet cupcakes are in a league of their own, rich and heavy, made with skill and art using fine ingredients.  We now have bakeries dedicated to cupcakes sprouting all over the place.  

Dieters beware!  A gourmet cupcake does not scrimp on butter and what not but it really is a treat every so often and in moderation.  

As I said there are cupcakes everywhere now but the truth is cupcakes like anything else have different "grades" if you will.  Only some cupcakes can be said to be really good, the ones that make you taste the different layers of fine ingredients, those baked to perfection, those decorated into works of art.  Yes, cupcake making is now something only the best can master.

Without further adieu, my favorite cupcake store, My Little Buttercup that just opened in SM BF Homes in Sucat, Paranaque.  First present in Makati Supermarket in Alabang (funny isn't it), they now opened a cafe in the new SM Bf Homes where they serve food as well as their desserts.

The place is pretty, sunny would be the word I would use to describe it.  Pleasant colors and happy white washed furniture and even a small kids' play area make this a place for the whole family.

Chips, there was much more, we were just so hungry that I took the picture halfway through

Smoked Cheese Bacon and Spinach Dips

Barbecue Pork Ribs

Their very good burger

Cookie Dough Brownie A La Mode

I love that this is more than your typical Metro Manila cupcakery as it serves very good comfort food.  I enjoyed the hamburger and warm Cookie Dough Brownie A La mode the most.  Fill my up Buttercup is a great place for families run by a very nice family and all the recipes and ingredients of all the food is exactly as you would find served in their home.  A highly pleasant and charming experience that makes the trip to SM BF Homes worth it.