Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Burgers and Brewskies at the Burgos Circle, Bonifacio Global City

I heard rave reviews about Burgers and Brewskies at the Burgos Circle, Bonifacio Global City since Christmas 2013.  Everybody seemed to like it.  I only sampled it yesterday because I am somewhat jaded at the recent proliferation of burger joints sprouting all around the Metro.  What makes this one different?  Why would it be any better?  Well, I can say it is one of the best.

A burger is a burger, quality ground meat, good cooking, seasoning, great bread and some garnishes or toppings with the usual condiments.  So how do you innovate around that?  By putting all the bells and whistles!

First of all, lets start with the pop culture names, instead of a Mexican burger with spicy tortilla chips they called it the "Hector Salamanca".  If you don't know who that is I highly recommend you watch Breaking Bad when you have the time.

Extremely sadly there were no fries of any form to be had when I went.  Quite the disappointment to have a hamburger without its best friend, french fries.  I ordered a beer and my companion ordered what was oddly a Tequila Rose like cocktail with bacon sugar around the rim called "Bacon Berry Pancakes" now see, that isn't something you see everyday.

Katipunan Pale Ale

Bacon Berry Pancakes

The Walk of Shame Burger


Cuban Missile

Hector Salamanca

Ice Tea (spiked)
I was surprised that I couldn't get a San Mig Light at Burgers and Brewskies, they had Katipunan Pale Ale - craft local beer.  The cocktails are very fancy and creative, read the descriptions, I recommend the Bacon Berry.

As for the Cuban Missile or seasoned corn on the cob (we had it shredded) well, nothing great to me, its corn with cheese, herbs and lime.  The chicken wings were ok, the thing is nothing could fix the lack of fries in this meal.  That said, the Hector Salamanca Mexican Burger was good, it is spicy and crunchy since it is topped with peppery tortilla strips.  The real star of my meal is the "Walk of Shame" I guess called that way because it has egg which is breakfast food which you eat at breakfast after people's walk of shame I guess, I wouldn't know.

The Walk of Shame alone is worth going to Burgers and Brewskies for, its that good.  It has egg, bacon, potato bits and a "lemonaise" sauce, it is now one of my new favorite burgers.

All the above cost me a little bit below P2,000 (we ordered excessively, we should have stayed at one burger and one appetizer, Walk of Shame was P340 alone) but it was a good date, casual, nice place, lots to see and talk about as the interior is interesting and well the naming of each , dish is clever.  I do see why this place gets the raves, Burgers and Brewskies deserves it.  I had a very enjoyable time with good value for money, other burger joints charge past P500 a burger now so the Walk of Shame at P340 is again great value for money.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself and will be back.

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