Sunday, April 27, 2014

Enjoying the little things, My Little Buttercup in SM Sucat revisited

I wrote about My Little Buttercup a few months back and oddly enough found myself back in the still spanking new SM BF Homes yesterday.  SM BF Homes oddly enough reminds me of SM Aura, it is spacious, new and shares the more upscale SM characteristics of not force jam packing people into trudging paths through each store, rather you feel like you "wander about" SM Bf Homes and so I wandered back into My Little Buttercup.

Much has changed since my last visit, the restaurant itself looks the same but the menu had grown immensely, after all I believe I was one of the very first people here and so the menu has naturally evolved as the owners hone their craft.

 My dad and mom both ordered the Angus burger, veggies on the side with two sauces and a bucket of seasoned fries.  Both of them finished everything down to the last fry.

 My sister ordered the ribs, their best seller.  The My Little Butercup ribs com with corn and carrots and a bucket of seasoned fries too.

 The truly excellent hot chocolate with an extra large marshmallow

Cookie dough ala mode for dessert!

 My tapa

You may ask why is the tapa last?  Surely as breakfast food if a logical person was to put my pics in order it would surely come first.  The answer is because I always save the best for last.  I freaking love Filipino Beef Tapa, there is something about garlic rice, eggs and seasoned beef that excites me.  Heck I never have it for breakfast, I have it for lunch and dinner all the time.  I really only know how to order two things, hamburgers and tapa.  I can't say I can speak about flavor with authority, I just know what I like and what I don't like.

Like all dishes in My Little Buttercup the tapa is made with premium ingredients.  The tapa is made just right, it comes tender and moist, unlike the burnt blackish brown bits you get from the cheaper places that you can count with one hand.  The portion is quite generous, it is bigger than it looks in my picture and comes with two scrambled eggs.  Something I almost never get right is the rice to viand ratio, I usually take a bite of meat to two spoonfulls of rice and this time I found that towards the end I had more meat than rice which is a great problem to have as there was less rice to dilute the delightful and delicate flavor of the meat, just the right amount of sourness and spice and salt.  The eggs too were excellent, just a bit wet, I used it together with the atchara to add a little bit of zest or zing! to each bite.  

I felt very heavy after.  I am not a heavy rice eater but with food like this who can help themselves?  My Little Buttercup is a place I would visit yet again.

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