Sunday, April 6, 2014

Nagi at the Aura

Its been awhile since my last post, life has taken an odd turn and I never really ate out.  But there was one restaurant I just had to try, Nagi at the Aura.  Nagi is a Ramen bar which from what I understand is a franchise of an international chain that is not called Nagi.

Why did I really want to eat here?  Because one of my friends does nothing but rave about it, he goes out of his way to eat in Nagi at least once a week and always orders the same thing, the Nagi "Black king" ramen or ramen with Squid ink.

SM Aura is kind of nuts and the food places are all the way on the fourth and fifth floor.  I may sound rather petty but getting there is a trip all in itself.  Escalator after escalator, it feels like you are climbing the pinnacle of a mountain to find some long lost treasure.

The Nagi Black King

Perennial Ramen Pair dish - Gyoza
Ordering at Nagi means you get a slip of paper with customization options for your Ramen, you customize as to:
  • Oiliness
  • Type of noodle, -soft, hard, medium
  • Spice factor
  • Egg
  • Extra meat
I should have taken a picture but you get the idea of the options available to you but this is pretty much it.  As I am no Ramen afficionado I didn't burden myself with details and selected the "chef recommendation" tick box.

So!  What did I think of Ramen Nagi's Black King?  Its very good, for P410 you get a lot of ramen.  Under the advice of my friend I got one order and extra noodles to share the meal because the broth is rich enough.  The thing is, you are only allowed one extra bowl and in my opinion the meat is not enough.  If you want to share a bowl of ramen, get extra meat.  If you have heavier appetites get extra noodles.  For light eaters like myself one bowl split to two with extra meat will do.

Very good Ramen indeed, I can see why its rated at the top of the new Ramen joints.

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