Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Myron's Place in Greenbelt 5

Amidst the strip of posh restaurants dotting the perimeter of the beautifully designed Greenbelt 5 is Myron's Place at nearly the end.  The location seems rather fitting as you can say the saved the best (arguably) for last.  You have to be purposeful if walking there, as there are many temptations in the form of other restaurants before it but I feel it is worth it as Myron's Place is one of my culinary nirvanas.  I must add the exception is if you park in the first level of Greenbelt 5's parking, one escalator up and you are right there!

Myron's Place is very pretty, well appointed with a Maitre d' in a full suit, something I found cruel in our Philippine summer, I was in a polo shirt and shorts and I was nearly at the point of discomfort as the airconditioning was losing the battle against the sun.

It was Mother's day Sunday and the family and I were in Myron's to celebrate the day with my mom.  Myron's place has a balanced menu of items ranging from an acclaimed Angus burger at P350 all the way to steaks.

My family has always had a penchant for mushroom soup, the canned kind mostly, the brand so loved and iconic that Warhol had to make pop art with it but mushroom soup has truly been taken to the next level with the Myron's place Mushroom Soup cappuccino.  Thick, flavorful and with a creamy froth, you take this rich soup in a cup.  The portion is quite generous and we ordered it split into two as I find a whole one too rich to finish alone.

The Caesar salad was too my liking, boldly flavored with strong horseraddish that almost tasted like wasabi.  It was not creamy but rather lighter on the dressing.  Only I liked it though as my family found it a bit too strong and tangy for their taste.

We ordered the "President" at P2,400 it is 500 grams or half a kilo - sounds quite impressive of US certified Angus beef ribeye served on a tilting plate.  This too is for sharing, for two if you are hungry, for four if you are not heavy eaters, for one if you need the protein to join the next Mr Philippines.  The meat is slightly charred on the outside and oh so tender on the inside and comes with four sauces - peppercorn, shiraz or red wine, mushroom and gravy that give you variety with each bite.  This is the reason we go to Myron's during those rare times we indulge in steak.

As savory as our meal was, we were too full to indulge in dessert.  I like this place, never full and never empty, a great place to treat the first special woman in your life.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

I really love Tapsilog! Brasserie Girolle's Beef Tapa Post

I recently wrote about the Beef Tapa of My Little Buttercup and Whistlestop and will now speak of tapa yet again as you see when it comes to tapa there is no law of diminishing returns for me.

I like Brasserie Girolle at the Fort as it is one of the nicest watering holes for any price and my gosh their prices are very affordable making it my most recommended place for a first date.  The dinner menu averages P400 per dish and the alcohol is simply among the best priced in such a premium location.  They have Hoegarden on tap at P275 for the huge glass, local beer is P50 and they have their cocktail and wine promotions.

I digress, I am here to talk about their Beef Tapa.  A French restaurant with Tapsilog?  Sacrebleu!!!  But if you care to gaze upon its vestige below you can see that it isn't some canteen beef tapa.  The Brasserie Girolle Beef tapa is heavily garnished, comes with your choice of rice and egg cooked how you like.  The beef is generous and it comes with tomato, carrots and what I think are spring onions.  This is beef tapa fine dining style! 

Crazy delicious

The tapa is on their lunch menu and on their pica pica menu.  I am a bit ashamed to admit this but I had this at midnight after a night of drinks.  I had one of the deepest sleep I had ever had because of my carbo crash as a result of my belly being filled to the brim with white rice right before bed.  Abs be darned, I am having this tapa again!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Whistlestop Tapa and Wings

Whistlestop is the most OG conyo I dare say early morning source of repast for those famished by a long night.  Sure there are more plebian places to get loaded with rice before sleep such as Tapa King, Good Ah, Rufus and the like but if you want something with a restaurant vs fastfood setting then Whistlestop is it.

 Heck, I love tapa so I ordered the 1977 Vintage tapa, I have to admit I was rather confused by what looks like a hamburger bun sliced in the middle and buttered.  I asked my server if I was supposed to put the tapa inside and eat it like a sandwich and he simply answered that I could.  As I could never blaspheme my beloved tapa and my beloved hamburger by creating a hybrid of them that quite simply seems senseless I ate the tapa as tapa should be, with the garlic rice.  The Whistlestop tapa is not to be taste, it is stringy the beef they chose is all wrong, there was litid or cartilage instead of thin crisp beef fat at the tips.  That said you get a lot of food as you can see above.

We also ordered the boneless Buffalo Chicken which is a winner!  For some reason the taste of margarine was strong but this was something I like!  Blue Cheese dip is optional for P50, the chicken comes with a mustard mayo dip I believe.  Each piece is well cooked and crispy, I must say they really know how to coat them and cook them.  Again, I love the rich margarine flavor with each bite.

I enjoyed this meal, there was so much chicken that I was eating it with my tapa rice.  It had been quite a while since I had eaten in Whistlestop and the tapa is not to my liking but everything else seems to be very interesting and I most definitely will find myself back here soon.  The place is always inviting and homey, full of people hanging out and relaxing.  No wonder it stands the test of time.