Thursday, May 1, 2014

Whistlestop Tapa and Wings

Whistlestop is the most OG conyo I dare say early morning source of repast for those famished by a long night.  Sure there are more plebian places to get loaded with rice before sleep such as Tapa King, Good Ah, Rufus and the like but if you want something with a restaurant vs fastfood setting then Whistlestop is it.

 Heck, I love tapa so I ordered the 1977 Vintage tapa, I have to admit I was rather confused by what looks like a hamburger bun sliced in the middle and buttered.  I asked my server if I was supposed to put the tapa inside and eat it like a sandwich and he simply answered that I could.  As I could never blaspheme my beloved tapa and my beloved hamburger by creating a hybrid of them that quite simply seems senseless I ate the tapa as tapa should be, with the garlic rice.  The Whistlestop tapa is not to be taste, it is stringy the beef they chose is all wrong, there was litid or cartilage instead of thin crisp beef fat at the tips.  That said you get a lot of food as you can see above.

We also ordered the boneless Buffalo Chicken which is a winner!  For some reason the taste of margarine was strong but this was something I like!  Blue Cheese dip is optional for P50, the chicken comes with a mustard mayo dip I believe.  Each piece is well cooked and crispy, I must say they really know how to coat them and cook them.  Again, I love the rich margarine flavor with each bite.

I enjoyed this meal, there was so much chicken that I was eating it with my tapa rice.  It had been quite a while since I had eaten in Whistlestop and the tapa is not to my liking but everything else seems to be very interesting and I most definitely will find myself back here soon.  The place is always inviting and homey, full of people hanging out and relaxing.  No wonder it stands the test of time.

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