Sunday, November 10, 2013

Baguio Ketchup and Strawberries

The recent long weekend for All Souls saw a family trip for us to Baguio.  We had visited our departed relatives a week ahead and planned a trip to the cold north.  Its funny because we had always taken trips as a family and each trip sadly reminds me of the people who aren't there with us on trips anymore.  Anyway.....

Undas as the first of November weekend is called for no reason I know sees massive traffic because of the Exodus of people in Metro Manila to see their beloved in provinces.  Now this is a problem but a consultation with actual Baguio residents determined that a good day to go is November 1 morning, as people usually go the night before and would already be at their destination leaving a very nice ride from Manila to NLEX to SCTEX and the newly opened TPLEX.  Well we were all wrong, traffic was insane but we trooped along and go to Baguio in 8 hours.

Baguio is now a messy haven, a mini Metro Manila that is cold if you will.  No more sleepy charm and unique stores opened by retirees looking to keep themselves busy.  Baguio is now filled with franchises and billboards.  There are still a few great places to go and my newest discovery is Ketchup Community in Romulo Drive, Baguio City.

Excuse the cut photo, there is only so much an iPhone can do at close range

Very pretty place

Fish and chips look like corn fritters, crunchy, costing is a bit thick. This untraditional take is interesting to share. Not expensive 195. 

The rib eye came overlooked. Far from the medium I asked for. Strong herb taste that overpowers the meat. The mustard is mixed in instead of on the side so it's on the sour side. Too much rosemary but I am not picky and enjoyed the surprise difference from what I expected.

Ketchup Community is a cluster of small restaurants situated next to each other.  The cute concept is that you can sit anywhere and can crossover order as long as 50% if what you order is from where you are sitting. We did not crossover order however and ordered everything from Green Pepper.

The place feels like an outdoor grill.  Food is good and reasonably priced, had we stayed in Baguio longer I would have suggested going to Ketchup Republic every night as it is truly a delightful place to be.  I highly recommend the excellent house pasta of Green pepper.  Rich, thick with tina pa and chorizo it was truly delightful especially at the 195 price point.  The meat is reasonable too.

The restaurant that had the most patrons was "Canto" situated in the kanto, that will be my next stop when I return.

Then I recommend heading to Mile Hi Center if you are in Camp John Hay and looking for the Strawberries and Ice Cream stand.  You just have to have this!

Strawberry ice cream on strawberry jam, lined by large strawberries and topped with strawberry syrup.  Its the inception of Strawberries!