Sunday, August 11, 2013

Stella Wood Fire Bistro

Good girl Stella and her party girl twin Rocket Room are two adjacent establishments in Bonifacio High Street Central that never seem to be empty.  It was for that reason that I hadn't been there before, one look and I would conclude "full" and go elsewhere.  Now on the eve of our 13th monthsary, yes I celebrate that....  my girl and I were looking at it when I said my usual "its full".  But she insisted, so we made our way past the many drinking and smoking on the tables outside to my surprise, finding tables inside empty.  We promptly seated ourselves in a booth made for four.

Traditional fine dining really isn't my thing.  I like the new wave of restaurants where:

a) I am not overserved - you can go overboard with service, I can't even stand a napkin being placed on me 
b) I actually understand everything on the menu - and yes, pictures help
c)  I can have a conversation and not feel like I am in a library
d) I can stay and have a drink
e) Have comfort food 

Stella does the trick.

The Rocket

Truffled Beef Belly

Butcher's Choice Pizza

Cookie Dough with Vanilla Ice cream

I was very impressed with the Truffled Beef Belly, I could smell the truffle oil in all its delectable potency.  The beef was tasty and thinly sliced, I even made a sandwich with it and the complimentary bread.  The pizza is rich and normally I chuck away pizza crusts to my awaiting dogs at home this crust I actually enjoyed.  Airy, not too thin and not too thick, the wood fire pizza certainly lends a certain something, something that made me really enjoy it.  

The pricing wasn't too bad either, the beef was 580 and the pizza was 350 making this a great date meal at a budget.  Stella's menu proclaims that their dishes are meant to be shared.  This is one place I shall return to soon.

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