Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Gaucho at Robinsons Magnolia

I have heard of "Gaucho" for some time.  Gaucho is an Argentinian restaurant located in the posh Robinson's Magnolia mall in Broadway (named after the former Magnolia ice cream factory property it sits on).  Passing outside last Monday the staff of Gaucho was keen on getting my party inside and they did so by volunteering information that is no doubt often asked of them "ma'am-sir, try Gaucho Argentinian food, para syang Spanish food".  Luckily I do have an idea that Argentinian cuisine is heavy on roasted meat so I asked to see the menu.  Gaucho looks quite upscale from the outside, from its corner and spacious location to the tables arranged in the interior's perimeter and a courtyard like area displaying meat being slow roasted - in other words, I expected it to be expensive.  Surprisingly it is relatively affordable, matter of fact the to share roasted plates with unlimited pickled vegetables and rice looked like really great value.

Tilt your head to the left, I can't see to fix this picture.  What value for the money!

Roast Lamb

US Beef Shortplate

Assorted picked vegetables

The pork being slow roasted
Gaucho is good food at a reasonable price at a great setting.  The meat is soft and tender, a tribute to the slow wood roasting.  The flavor is subtle, the meat is not drenched in the typical salty gravy but instead you enhance the flavor with the different pickles that add a tangy complexity to the meat.  Each pickle gives a different flavor.  The appetizers are good but the roasts if you get two plates are perfectly adequate for four people of typical appetites.  The restaurant is delightfully hidden and private, a great place that impresses.  I most definitely will return.

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