Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Brasas, Super Duck and my walk

As luck would have it I found myself in Ortigas Center yesterday for several meetings there.  As I had several stops to make that day I decided to park in Podium and just walk.  That morning I put on my rubber soled leather shoes, my most formal looking black sport socks and packed my sunglasses.  From Podium I was going to walk to Shaw then San Miguel Avenue then Robinsons Galleria then Emerald Avenue then Megamall and back to Podium for my last meeting at the Fort.

As I just said in my last post, I was hankering to try Brasas - South American Street Food.  I was in Podium and ordered the Puerco Asado or Pork Asado or Roast Pork.  Your P240 gets you a plateful of rice with beans, the delicious roasted pork with what looks like the skin separated and further cooked to a crisp with plantains and a bit of salad.

 My Puerco

 The Chicken Wrap

Arepas, pancake with meat

I really don't get why anyone would order the Arepas as a meal but women and their diets....  My Puerco was absolutely delightful.  It reminded me a bit of Racks' Ribs, slightly fatty, smokey and very tasty.  Yes, Racks is what came to mind.  The portion of meat was not quite impressive but I wasn't bitin either.  I would go back to Brasas sometime.  We topped off our meal with Mochicakes from the stall nearby where I just have to recommend the Orange Cheese mochi, oh my, oh my, oh my!  I love ice cream and I love orange ice cream with fading memories of Coney Island back in the day....

After Galleria, I was off to Emerald when I chanced upon Super Duck (click for an excellent review I found), a Milk Tea shop tucked in Garnet St. and ADB avenue.  "Should I or shouldn't I?" was my question, I love good old Milk Tea, the usual black tea and milk with maybe some pearls.  I once nearly OD'd on Serinitea having had 3, yes 3 large milk teas in one afternoon and nearly barfed it all out when I read this, if that is true, then I just had nearly 1,200 calories, putragis!!!  My abs!!!  But then again, I did walk quite a lot and was quite thirsty.  I called my girl to let her know of my find and asked her if she would want some as she was the one I was meeting next.  I walk into the shop and was quite surprised.  It looked brand spanking new and had a staff of 8, 8 people, 3 of which looked like the owners which was confirmed when I saw the review I linked to above.  I of course asked which of their selection is the plain old milk tea.  They had a specialty signature milk tea which was a mix of green and black tea with milk for "a mix of both teas' health benefits" the owner explained.  Naks!  As tempting as that was I opted for the traditional milk tea, usual less sugar and less ice.  It cost 95 pesos which is less than Serenitea.  It took almost ten minutes which is about the time I needed to walk from Podium to Shaw.  They finally gave me the tea, sealed top as popularized by Zagu back in the day.  I walked to Emerald shaking it like a tambourine and opened when I got to where I was supposed to wait.  Oh my!  It was the absolute best milk tea I have ever had.  It tasted clean, crisp even, very pleasant, the sweetness was perfect with none of that artificial syrup aftertaste.  The only thing unbelievable was that was the 25% sugar it was too sweet to be but luckily not unpleasant.  The only thing sad about it is that there is no Super Duck in Makati or the Fort.  I have a new favorite Tea place.

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