Thursday, June 6, 2013

Brasserie Girolle - A Place to Sit and Sip Wine in Style

I went to the soft opening of Chef Ian Padilla's newest baby, the Brasserie Girolle last Friday and was amazed to find one of the nicest looking new restaurants in Metro Manila.

The very classy interior signage, gotta love bronze accents

The interior with its wine display and hanging lights over the bar

 The Brasserie Girolle Burger P450, 250 grams of beef and thick Canadian Cured Bacon topping it

 St Jacques Poele Scallops P900
I didn't know what that meant so I searched, it means that St Jacques or St James a patron of travellers would give devotees whatever they could get with a scoop of scallop shell and so they wore the shells as a sign of devotion.  - from Wikipedia - you learn something everyday

The Tartare Bouef P650

Like La Girolle its big brother, Brasserie Girolle has a large, impressive wine selection, 15 of which are available by the glass.  They even have an unlimited wine by the glass from 2pm to 6:30pm for P900.  An interesting note is that even their sparkling wine is available as my girl noted that not many places offer this during their happy hour.  I like this much better than those pour your own wine vendo enomatic whatchamacallits - I prefer someone giving me a new wine glass meant to bring out the best in what I am about to imbibe.

I make no pretense, I am totally ignorant with wine.  I don't know much, although I can bullshit a bit to entertain myself since very few "connoisseurs" know what they are talking about. But in the Brasserie, wine selection is easy with Joel Perea the Maitre' D because he really knows what he is talking about, he tells you which wine goes well with your food and with the wine by the glass you can make your own pairing with each dish with complete control over how much you spend.  I really like this as you are not slave to a bottle - sounds funny but its true, a bottle limits you if you order more than one dish since you are forced to make a compromise on which of everything you order you want to taste best.  Brasserie Girolle allows you to have a truly great meal and reminds you that it is not a wine bar with food but rather a fine French restaurant with a great wine selection.

My companions went for the steaks which ranged from P650 to P850.  Brasserie Girolle has an ultimate steak of dry aged beef which I hear is comparable to Mamou's but cheaper by the gram.  Brasserie Girolle carries Restaurant La Girolle quality with Brasserie type food and you can expect excellent plating and flavor.  I personally chose the Brasserie Burger because I literally order every burger I come across.  The hefty Canadian Cured Bacon topping it was a nice surprise as few things please me more than bacon and hamburgers and seeing the two together almost made my eyes a bit misty.  The burger was too thick to eat with my hands and so I ate the vegetables first like a salad, then carefully sliced the beef and lower half of the bread while adding a careful rationing of the bacon to ensure I had a little with every bite - while saving a large chunk for the last bite.

The menu is extensive, the Brasserie is strategically located right below URBN at the Fort Strip and if you go on a Friday night like I did you have a view of all the party people queuing to get in URBN.  People watching while eating makes things a lot more interesting.  The Brasserie will also be a great place for an after party for people winding down from a night of partying out by providing a relaxing ambiance and good food.

The Brasserie Girolle is open 11am to 2am for reservations call: +63(2)4784119.

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