Thursday, December 27, 2012

Top 12 Food Finds in Manila

I have just read this article, Top Twelve Food Finds by its lovely author of whom I have been a long time fan.  I have been to a few of the places featured in that article and wanted to give my personal opinions on two of the restaurants featured .

Snowman Izakaya
This is located in Polaris Street in Makati - off Jupiter.  This place is quite good, Makati prices with many Korean patrons.  It serves both Japanese and Korean food and as written in the article the Dragon Roll there is the absolute best I have ever had (as a counter point I just had the Dragon roll in Jozukin, Forbes Circle and was not at all impressed), the Dragon Roll in Snowman is indeed the tastiest because it gives you the most “meat’ and not rice.  Furthermore, I was extremely impressed to see from my window seat the owners (I think) walking in with fishing rods and coolers hauling what seemed to be still live catch to the restaurant.  The place itself is interesting with its Soju on ice, hence the term “Snowman”.  It is an excellent date place, the bunk seats especially give you some semblance of privacy although I do recommend you go a bit late on a weekday.

Chicken and Beer – BBQ Chicken at Forbes Circle
This place has branches, one in Cebu, another in Makati, one in Molito in Alabang.  This is my favourite Korean chicken by far, somehow Bon Chon seems way overrated to me while Chicken and Beer is truly outstanding.  Expect to pay about 280 pesos for six pieces of spicy chicken, the ultra hot chicken will get you a warning from your server, if they like you.  Beer is 350 pesos a bucket.  This place is consistently good, and gets crowded sometimes because it is a very steady place to hang out.  During lulls in conversation there are flat screen tvs playing non stop K pop so you can stare at Korean goddesses doing coordinated dance all together and unlike Western girl or boy bands with a max of 5 members with K Pop you can feast your eyes on up to 15 girls gyrating in unison!  On another note, do not park your car on the street in the circle itself, parking is a bitch because it is limited, you may have to walk but there is a big chance your car could be towed and there is no bigger downer than to have a few beers and see your car not where it is supposed to be J

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