Sunday, February 17, 2013

La Girolle, Fort the weekend after

Ah now for our La Girolle experience.  Makati was packed as can be, long lines of cars dotted EDSA and all the inner streets of Makati for the crazy event which is lover's day.  It took my four times the usual amount of time from my office to my dearest's place but that didn't bother me much for we all knew that was going to happen.  No need for excuses if you are prepared.  I picked her up and off we were to our 8pm sitting at La Girolle.  La Girolle is not that easy to find, it is off the beaten path in Burgos Circle, being in the Blue Sapphire building's second floor (exact address: 2/F Blue Sapphire, 2nd Avenue Corner 30th Street,
Bonifacio Global City, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig) and not on the first floor like its many rivals for diner's pesos.  Parking in the area can be hell during the day but luckily the office crowd was gone, no doubt not wanting to spend another second near anyplace they work.  We parked without issue and walked a bit, there is valet parking at the front of the Blue Sapphire building but I don't like entrusting my ride to valets.

We were quickly seated, entering the restaurant you notice all the tables broken up into seating for two, ages were mixed some were older, some younger but all had this weird smile and stare of adoration for the one they were with, I sure hope they keep that up all year.  On to the food.

The menu seemed reasonable considering what we were getting.  I realized that naturally fine dining uses more premium ingredients.  Heck, if you are expensive you better be worth the premium.

Amouse Bousche - Palette awakener or welcome dish.  I didn't take a picture, I haven't gotten the hang of taking a picture of everything I eat but when I have pasta and cream I like bacon and not caviar, fishy cream is not a match to me, but heck, my girl enjoyed it.

Norwegian Salmon, delicious, I usually never order salmon unless its smoked.  but this I greatly enjoyed. 

OMGosh!  Mushroom soup!  Did I ever mention I grew up with Campbells mushroom soup as an occasional treat? I have never ordered mushroom soup in a restaurant, it had to be part of a set but my gosh, mushroom soup with truffle oil!!!!  Its like the inception of mushroom, mushroom in mushroom and it was absolutely delicious! 

 My main, duck breast, best duck I ever had, absolutely no toughness or gaminess   I was extremely happy with it and the portion was not bad!

The Hokkaido scallops and foie gras of my date.  It was good, she gave me a taste, just not enough for me.  Heck I am a man and need my meat!

Our shared dessert, three chocolate dishes.

I like La Girolle, it is upscale, has excellent service, great interiors and a very good selection of wine, we brought our own though.  Joel, the manager is extremely helpful and is very knowledgeable with wines.  I can't really say I observed more since I was googly eyed and focused on my date, it was Valentines after all. But I will say I recommend La Girolle, its worth trying and coming soon is their Bistro in the Fort Strip.  Keep tuned!
Another French restaurant suggestion which I will soon write about is L'eau Vive
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