Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Uncle Cheffy's "Smoked Pork Bacon"

Valentine's is done and so its back to regular programming, not that you should treat your woman (or man) any differently, technically every day you should treat her as if it was Valentine's.  However, Mr. Seiko Wallet has something to say about keeping up the celebration and so post Valentine's is a period of austerity for most of us.  

 Me wiping the blood, ahem, ketchup from my wallet post valentines.

As much as I love Mc Do, seeing the post Valentine glow on my sweetheart made me postpone hitting her with a harsh dose of reality, after all we both had a hard day at work.  She knowing that I had just spent for Valentines was hesitant to suggest where to eat, we were in El Pueblo and there were quite a few choices, none of which appealed to me when lo and behold a waiter of Uncle Cheffy was passing out flyers.

Not bad, the fish tocino for P120

There is something about all day breakfast that appealed to me, pancakes for dinner?  Who has heard of such a thing?  It is like dietary blasphemy.  So we walk around for a bit and then decided to heard for Uncle Cheffy.    It was early evening and the same guy who gave me the flyer was our server.  I excitedly pointed to the smoke pork bacon with vegetable omelette and rice thinking that I was going to get thinly sliced Vigan bagnet one of my absolute favorites, “Ser, wala na yan, breakfast menu kasi yan”.  I stared at the flyer completely abhorred by the statement, seeing no specified time for the serving of the breakfast delights I turned and said “pero ser, kaya pumunta kami dito”.  The waiter unperturbed smiled and headed to the kitchen to return announcing that they will accommodate us.  I too breathed a sigh of relief as their regular menu was priced higher than my post valentine’s budget allowed and I am the type who is too embarrassed to walk out. 

It took a bit long to get our order, about 15 minutes in a relatively empty restaurant.  The waiter told me that Tuesdays are a dead day – which is why he was passing flyers.  Lo and behold, my “smoked pork bacon” was indeed smoked pork bacon, a generous enough serving with my eggs which looked scrambled and not an omelette and fried rice.  The fish tocino looked well like cream dory fillet in tocino sweet sauce, I wasn’t even willing to try it but my lovely companion said it was very good.  

Old habits die hard, I tear into the bacon before I take my picture

My girl's fish tocino is the picture of restraint

Was I disappointed?  Not at the least, the bacon was P190 and the tocino was P120 so I spent P310 partly because we had tap water.  Bacon is bacon, bacon is always good and bacon and eggs is most definitely always good.  The main take away of this meal is "never assume" if you want Vigan Bagnet best to ask if the "bacon" is bagnet.  Cheers!


  1. Have you tried 8605 Bagnet in Makati?

    1. Oooops, just saw this. Where in Makati? I will check it out!