Monday, July 8, 2013

Congo Grill in Jupiter Makati

Congo Grill and Grilla, both have Gorillas as their logo mascots which leads me to believe that there must be something between the two beloved "grills".  Grills to me all began during the very early days of going out for me, before Fort Bonifacio was "da fort" and entertainment was composed of going to Tia Maria's or drinking Pale Pilsen in someone's house.  Then the grills made their invasion, starting with Padi's point, everyone flocked to these places that had lots of outdoor tables, cheap beer by the bucket and all the artery choking hotplate what nots such as the venerable sisig, squid, chicken and what not, all on hot plates.

These were good times, soon many came to challenge Padi's Point and we had Dencio's, Gerry's Grill, my obscure favorite but now closed Hutu's Hut, Congo Grill and Grilla.  Oddly the "grill" changed its model from seedy beer joint where people would actually go to hook up with people to family restaurants, making them nice Filipino Food restaurants where people would actually go with their kids, cute.

But anyway, to me good sisig is only found in these grills, they alone have mastered the formula of giving you the greasiest parts of pork accentuated with chicharon and what not.  So when I missed the taste of sisig there was only one place to go, a grill.

Now the thing is, where did all the grills go?  The once ubiquitous Gerry's and Dencio's are now very hard to find.  I guess during the early days they situated themselves in places with cheap rent and people flocked to them.  With the onrush of development pushing property value sky high its hard to maintain their formula of cheap prices in a good location.  So like before, you kinda have to travel to them but further.  Luckily Congo Grill is still in Jupiter - new location from Kalayaan in Makati I think.

Sisig as served, a pale color as freshly placed on the hot plate
The Sisig after a few minutes, now looking glorious and golden brown
Pork Barbecue

Kinilaw na Vegetables - I mean Tangigue - I think
Really can't go too wrong with sisig but Congo Grill gives you a very generous serving for P180.  Seriously its good enough to share if you plan to eat it as a main with rice.  It was worryingly pale at first but you have to remember that sisig has many styles of cooking some are wet and some are dry.  And again, you get a lot for your P180, you have to remember that Pork face and sisig bits are among the most expensive pork cuts.  The taste of the sisig was excellent and the whole meal was very filling and relatively inexpensive.  The kilawin just had very little fish, my only complaint.

Thank you Congo Grill for my truly nostalgic meal at one of my favorite food types, I shall be back.

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